I help businesses and individuals to view their jobs and tasks as a way of life. It doesn’t matter what we do, what’s important is how we do it. We are responsible for the decisions we make. There’s an instinct in life that makes us stronger and better people. How do we
do this, which goals do we set, and what do we really need to do to realise these changes?

With more than 20 years in the industry, I know the advertising world like the back of my hand. As a project leader, I help
businesses and organisations to develop their brands, how and what they want to say – and in which media. I do this together with fantastic specialists from a wide variety of disciplines.

Projects have involved everything from developing new brand platforms, websites, other material, and everything in between – including internal and external communication – for clients such as Olivia Personlig Assistans, WLounge and the Europa School in Stockholm. 

For Olivia Personlig Assistans, we created a world that reflects Olivia’s values.

“It’s always fun when you meet and work with someone who can help
us to look at our business as wisely as Åsa has. With her background –
and now also her story – we gain insights through her speeches and
smart brand building tool. Åsa helped us realise and agree on
common values and manage these effectively.”
Annette Homle, CEO Olivia Personlig Assistans.