Examples of lecture assignments

Previous and upcoming assignments - please note that width in the various target groups that has hired me. Everyone needs to just to be allowed to stop and consider the lives they are given.  
Tyresö Gymnasium - Stockholm
Tendensdagen - Stockholm
Krokodil in Piteå - Piteå
Marknadschefernas marknadsdag – Göteborg
4good – Eat, Love, Live  – Malmö, Göteborg och Stockholm med Agenta Sjödin, Leila Lindholm och Mårten Nylén
Roslagens Bokhandel  – Norrtälje
Autodesk – Göteborg
Ekegården Kursgård – Gotland
Hjärnfonden – Malmö och Göteborg
Svenska Civilekonom föreningens årsstämma – Västerås
Hjärntumörföreningen – Hasselbacken, Stockholm
Roslandsminglet – Runö möten och events
Svenska skolan och kyrkan – London
Svenska skolan och kyrkan – Paris
Olivia Personlig Assistans – Sundbyholms slott
Olivia Rehabilitering – Danderyd
Hälsa till alla – Spånga
Lovisedalsskolan – Vallentuna
And many other and various seminars

Voices from clients within communication
 “Asa was very transparent from the outset. She supported our various projects with great enthusiasm and dedication. Our business relations and transactions were seamless. She never failed to provide solutions, evidence of her expertise and professionalism”.
Mr Hekmatt Semaan, Zamil Group, Corporate HR/Communications Director

 ”Asa is one of those very rare and exceptional people who settle for nothing less than the best, but also always ensures she provides all that is needed for the best to happen: care, organisation, discipline, honesty, understanding, support, competence, reassurance, unwavering dedication and passion. She is a pillar of strength in any organisation, a permanent
inspiration and a pleasure to work with.”
Francois Bourgoin, CEO at DDB Bahrain

Voices about Åsa as a lecturer

“Åsa delivers a strong and moving story in a fantastically
engaged, inspirational and extremely personal way, which exudes a genuine joy for life. Her seminars work on many different levels, and raise important points about attaching value to life, our relationships and to never stop fighting.
I can warmly recommend Åsa as a speaker.”
Patrik Durvik Distribution Manager UK, Ireland, Nordic and Baltics,

“Åsa Tönne is a brave, strong, and assured inspirer who shares her strong story with wisdom, calm and energy. Åsa was part of the Sunshine Story at the 4good evenings at Eat Love Live in September 2015 in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö with some 2,500 guests! She is professional, warm and thoughtful and an excellent role model.”
Carina Sunding, CEO 4good

“Of all the speakers I get to listen to as a moderator, there are some that make a bit more of an impression. They all have a message of course, and a story, but above all a passion in their delivery. Åsa is one of these. Thank you!”
Fredrik Berlin, Moderator Hjärnfondens dagar
Participants’ comments
“Apart from her wonderful personality that lit up the entire room, her presentation really made you stop and think. What are my limits? Two words summed it up: Carpe Diem!”

“The best and most powerful speech I’ve heard for a long time. Åsa really is fantastic!”

“Thanks for today! You’re great! Compelling and emotional and positive all at the same time!”

“Thank you so much for your words, your thoughts, and reflections about the chaos caused when someone close to you is diagnosed with a brain tumour. I was impressed and inspired by your drive and determination. They’re huge and can really help!”

A few of the articles written about me in Sweden