My story

My book “I’m not crying – these are just tears on my face” – a story about the carousel that a life with cancer is. In my book, you will learn about my story just as it happened. However good I have been at keeping the bad things at bay, I’ve had a difficult and tough journey that has sometimes been painful for everyone involved. My family, my doctors, and other medical staff have also thought about and written several lines about how they reacted to what happened. We forced ourselves to stop and reflect. We then drew together our stories and reflections and in the end they became this book!

"I’m not crying – these are just tears on my face" will hopefully give you hope, a joy for life, a little help, and insights on your own life journey.

“What a journey and what a struggle for you and those close to you. This book is so incredibly well written and so powerfully written! And best of all, there’s not a trace of hate or bitterness.
It also clearly highlights the importance of relatives’ involvement and your own
fighting spirit and bloody mindedness! Thank you for writing this book!”

I'm done! Do not know what I should say?
Just know that one day of my life became richer, sadder, happier, but above all - I am terribly grateful.
/ Peter

You can order the book from Adlibris, Bokus, Vulkan, or directly from Springling.

A great read Asa, really moving, interesting and inspiring. I'm churning about life and what I need to do, your book gives great pause for thought. You've captured yourself at your essence and I am left with the image of pure love, love of people, life and adventure. I want to feel as open and free as you do, incredible to me that you have been able to have such a terrible experience and transform it.